Food for free in Snärva

Straight after our arrival, Costas rescued 2kg of Dandelion (Löwenzahn) from the lawn before it was mowed. Best way to consume: Boiled and served with olive oil, garlic, and lemon.

Always plenty of supply (because in areas that the lawn mower never reaches) is Gout weed (Giersch) – it’s actually quite a pest. It can be eaten like spinach (or dandelion for that matter). You can find most of it under the copper beech (Blutbuche) and around the two plum trees next to the yellow garage.

Also, look out for Borage (Borretsch), beautiful and apparently very nice in salads (never tried yet …).

Some chives (Schnittlauch) are growing in the bed under the windows (next to lavender).

    More obvious but much more seasonal are the fruits and berries around the house:

  • Goose berries (Stachelbeeren)
  • Elderflower (Holunder)
  • Raspberries (Himbeeren)
  • Pears (Birnen)
  • Plums (Pflaumen)
  • Redcurrant (Rote Johannisbeeren)
  • Blackcurrant (Schwarze Johannisbeeren)
  • (!) Black chokeberries (Schwarze Apfelbeeren) – 3 fairly large bushes in the ‘shrub garden’
  • Blackberries (Brombeeren) (very few)
  • No more apples though (thanks to the deers in the neighborhood)


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