Vallby Sörgården

Picture of Flistad in Vallby Sörgården

When Kristina and I walked past the preserved Vallby Sörgården (just on the other side of the train line), we were lucky to meet a woman who gave us a private tour through the house tha is otherwise closed at this time of the year. In one of the rooms, I found this old photograph of Flistad on the wall. The wallpapers in the house, by the way, are one of the most interesting details. She showed us a book with samples of all the different original wallpapers used in the house.

Opening times summer 2012:
2 juni kl. 13-17 Traditionellt kafferep
30 juni, 7 juli, 14 juli, 21 juli, 28 juli samt 4 aug. kl. 14-17 Gårdsvisning med guidning (Guided tour)
14 juli kl. 19 Dans bort i vägen
26 aug. kl. 14-17 Arkeologidag
9 sept. kl. 14-17 Kulturarvsdag
6 okt. kl. 11-17 Höstmarknad


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