Outdoor activities, lunch & coffee places and other destinations

July 9, 2017

Check the Google map (work in progress) for coffee/lunch places, activities, antik shopping etc. in Skaraborg (and a bit beyond). Let me know if you think places should be added here.

One of the best sites (and an example of pre-historic webdesign) to check activities like swimming, hiking and canoeing in Skaraborg is http://www.skaraborgsleder.se

Another site, equally old-style, is http://www.badkartan.se/ that lists (and reviews) lake and sea beaches / access points all over Sweden.

Some other (fairly random) links:

Canoe tips for around Tibro (PDF)



Antik around Snärva

April 3, 2015

See also map of vintage places on vintagekartan


  • Flea market in the old wool factory
    Every Sunday 11-15


  • Retrokällaren
    Rådmansgatan 20
    541 45 Skövde
    0709-83 85 71
    Opening times: see http://www.retrokallaren.se/
  • Östergården Antik
    S:t Sigfrids gata 9
  • Myrorna
    Salvation Army Charity Shop on lower ground floor in Commerce Shopping mall, entrance vis-a-vis Hemtex
  • Taktikcenter Skövde
    Gesällgatan 1, Skövde
    Mon & Thu: 9-17; Tue 9-19; Fri 9-15, Sat 10-14
  • Kupan
    Red Cross (Röda Korset) Charity Shop
    Tuesdays – Fridays 10-17, Sat 10-13 
  • Gengåvan Second Hand (Ericshjälpen)
    Lundenvägen 6
    Opening times: Tuesdays & Thursdays 12 – 18, Saturdays 10 – 14
  • Popcorn
    Bangårdsgatan 8
    Wed-Thu 12-18; Sun 12-16
  • Pantbanken (Pawn shop)
    Lögegatan 4A (behind Commerce)
    541 30 Skövde
    Tel: 0500-48 11 96
    Opening times:
    Mondays – Fridays: 11:00 – 16:00


  • HvassBo Kuriöst och Annat Löst
    Habbegården 3
    Tel. 0731 816869
    Opening times: Fleamarket Wednesdays 15-19


  • Riddarens Antikhandel
    Mariestadsvägen 2, Timmersdala, 0706747574
    Mon-Wed: 9-13; Thu 14-18; Sat 9-12


  • Nostalgihörnan
    Stora torget 4
    Opening times: Wednesdays: 16-18; Saturdays: 11-14
    Or call:
    Gerd (woman, lives above the shop): +4687106107
    Kjersti: +46705467249
  • Kihlbergs Antik
    54430 Hjo
    Tel: 073 1809748
    For opening times call:


  • Kyrkornas Hjälpande hand
    Hötorgsgatan 4
    Tel. 0511-13900
    Opening times: Wed/Thu/Fri 10-18 Sat 10-13
  • Antik & Kuriosa Hörnan
    Järnvägsgatan 12
    Specialised on ceramics, expensive but high quality stuff

Badeplätze bei / Beaches near Lidköping und Mariestad

July 14, 2013
  1. Ganz offiziell nackig baden kann man 5km östlich von Lidköping am FKK Strand Truve.
    Official nudist beach 5km east of Lidköping, at Nakenbadet Truve.
  2. Beliebter Sandstrand (und angeblich auch einsame Badebuchten) im Naturschutzgebiet Sandviken, hinter Mariestad‘s Golfplatz. Man kann auch von der Innenstadt hinwandern (ca. 7km eine Strecke).
    Popular sandy beach (and apparently even some reclusive small bays nearby) in the Nature reserve Sandviken, just behind Mariestad’s Golf course. You can even walk here from the city center.

    Screen Shot 2013-07-14 at 19.12.02

Vista Vänern

June 10, 2012

Costas and Ulf vid Vänern

From a viewpoint near Hällekis in the Kinnekulle aera (indicated on most tourist maps of this region) you have an amazing view overlooking the lake Vänern. It has got parking space for dozens of tourist busses but luckily I have never seen one there. There is a little kiosk with a grumpy man selling ice cream and köttbullar sandwiches.

Viewpoint near Hällekis, Vänern


June 10, 2012

20 Years ago, I collected misprints: postcards with Fehlfarben. This is not a postcard. It is a picture that I took of the best Hotel in Hjo: Hotel Bellevue. Mysteriously, a few days later I had lost all pictures on my camera’s memory card and I had to retrieve them with a recovery tool. Most of the pictures turned out being ok but some were remarkably changed. This place is well worth seeing. It’s quite a modernist landmark in this otherwise picture-perfect and quaint wooden town at the lake Vättern.

Hotel Bellevue in Hjo

Ice cream in Hjo

June 10, 2012

The nicest place for ice cream in lush surroundings is Österhagen Glass, a small pavillon with a little garden at the back.

Österhagen glass in Hjo

However, the best ice cream is a few steps up the road, at the market place, in the cafe/konditoriet Vete & Råg.

Food for free in Snärva

June 10, 2012

Straight after our arrival, Costas rescued 2kg of Dandelion (Löwenzahn) from the lawn before it was mowed. Best way to consume: Boiled and served with olive oil, garlic, and lemon.

Always plenty of supply (because in areas that the lawn mower never reaches) is Gout weed (Giersch) – it’s actually quite a pest. It can be eaten like spinach (or dandelion for that matter). You can find most of it under the copper beech (Blutbuche) and around the two plum trees next to the yellow garage.

Also, look out for Borage (Borretsch), beautiful and apparently very nice in salads (never tried yet …).

Some chives (Schnittlauch) are growing in the bed under the windows (next to lavender).

    More obvious but much more seasonal are the fruits and berries around the house:

  • Goose berries (Stachelbeeren)
  • Elderflower (Holunder)
  • Raspberries (Himbeeren)
  • Pears (Birnen)
  • Plums (Pflaumen)
  • Redcurrant (Rote Johannisbeeren)
  • Blackcurrant (Schwarze Johannisbeeren)
  • (!) Black chokeberries (Schwarze Apfelbeeren) – 3 fairly large bushes in the ‘shrub garden’
  • Blackberries (Brombeeren) (very few)
  • No more apples though (thanks to the deers in the neighborhood)